Welcome, my name’s Richard and I offer piano restoration, repair and tuning services wherever I travel. I’m currently in Texas. I specialise in home visits to old pianos that have been neglected for many years.


About Me

I’ve been restoring pianos for over twenty years since I learnt my trade from my father.

Since then I worked independently in London, England for fourteen years cycling to clients’ homes to tune and restore pianos, and travelling further afield for more involved piano restoration work.


Rates & Bookings

My hourly rate is USD$75 all inclusive – the total will depend on the current condition of your piano and your requirements. If your piano has not been tuned and serviced for several years it could take several hours to put right, but I’ll be able to give you an estimate when I see the piano, then you can decide how much work you want me to do.

When I arrive at a piano that I’ve never seen before I inspect it thoroughly for about twenty minutes then provide a quote. If you’re satisfied I’ll stay on and complete the work in the same visit (please allow enough time for this).

To arrange an appointment please fill in the form below providing as much information as possible so that I can get a rough idea of how much work is involved. eg. How bad does it sound, do all the notes and pedals work reliably, and how recently has it been moved?

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