This is a short film about my lifestyle shot last Summer in London.



Many thanks to Matt Hopkins and all the team at Progress Films in Brighton for crafting such a beautiful work of art out of such an unsightly subject as me.

This is one of a series of films about interesting characters who live among us in England – for more visit

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  1. Ah Richard, ever since I came across your blog I have been impressed, bordering jealous of your lifestyle. This film only adds to this. So once again hats off to you sir,hats off!

  2. Hi Richard, I just watched your video on Vimeo, is it also on YouTube as I have a friend with an outdated computer who can’t access Vimeo. I admire your freedom and also that you are doing something you love. You are following Joseph Campbell’s advice “follow your bliss” 🙂

    • Thanks!

      Unfortunately it’s not on YouTube as far as I’m aware, the company who filmed it has authority here.

      I was recommended Joseph Campbell’s work on comparative mythology to help in my investigation as to whether the beliefs that my parents taught me (Evangelical Christianity) are true or false. Unfortunately I don’t have time to read them yet.

      But I am ‘following my bliss’… and was inspired by a sign I saw in the exercise area of a park here in Buenos Aires the other day:

      “Don’t fill your life with years. Fill your years with life.”

  3. Hey, Richard. Admire your lifestyle. So at peace. Only those who tried can understand this at first glance sketchy but in fact beautiful path to reach happiness.
    It might not be easy or even possible for you, but try to find and watch a Norwegian documentary called “Snøhullemannen” Im certain you will enjoy it. Cheers.

    • Thank you Beck, indeed I believe that everyone should try living as simply as possible at some point during their life at least for a while (that doesn’t necessarily mean exactly the same lifestyle as me).

      Do you have a link to the Snøhullemannen documentary? I only found a video of a man with a big beard burying a little bird, maybe it’s about him?

  4. Hi Richard, came across your site when I was reading up on piano tuning and thoroughly enjoying your blog. Farringdon I reckon would be a great place for outdoor-sing, and because I’m into food and note that you hang out in Surrey Quays sometimes I reckon you should try eating at Cafe East if you haven’t before. Have an awesome time in Argentina and keep up the wonderful blogging!

  5. Just watched your film

    Love it!

    We enjoyed seeing your skinny dip/wash in the river by the Hawker Centre YMCA just around the corner from our house in Ham!

    My husband and I both work (me part time) earning decent salaries but are careful with expenditure as bills, mortgage payments, childrens sports to pay for etc and always wonder how people manage to rent a flat, pay bills etc on average or minimum wage salaries as it doesnt seem posssible. We are not surprised that people are bypassing all that crap if they can!

    We love cycling too and use our bikes as much as possible.

  6. Beautifully put together film; really captures the essence of your lifestyle. Have thoroughly enjoyed your blog since discovering it last summer – do keep it up. There’s something really heartening about being reminded that a pure and simple life is only a choice away. Personally, I wouldn’t change much but who knows what tomorrow will bring!

  7. great idea, but how do u make coffee in the mourning,they have some great ideas at camping stores,the simple pleasures r the best.

    • I go to a café or get offered one at work.

      Gas stoves are convenient but I’m looking for more renewable sources. I recently purchased a Backcountry Burner, will write about this eventually…

  8. Hi. Saw the video, then read through your blog. It’s inspiring, thanks for doing it.

    I’m a couple years younger than you and have gone back and forth a few times between trying to build a life and simplifying to live life. I lived in my car for a while – enjoyed life more for a bit but eventually got really run down and moved back in with my parents.

    Anyways, car is gone now and I’m going to get a bivy and try this out. I’m not a piano-tuner though and am trying to think of other options for good mobile self-employment. Any ideas?

  9. Great to see this video and be able to see what you look like, traveling around london with hardly any stuff in the bag. I keep thinking about a freecamping trip to some cities myself. It’s amazing to think you’ve been living this lifestyle for… is it nearly 2 years now?

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  11. Hi, Richard! I’m Hazel from Hong Kong. I saw this video about your life and career in our multimedia class and I was very impressed by your experiences. What attracts me more is the background music. I love piano and this one is really really good. However, I don’t know how to find it online. So I’m wondering if it is convenient for you to send me a link or the clip of this background music? I would appreciate it very much.
    Thank you and wish you all the best!

  12. Olá, sou do Brasil e conheci seu blog a partir de uma pesquisa sobre desapego das coisas materiais.
    Por muito tempo refleti sobre as questões que o ser humano carrega, em que se julga necessário possuir muitos bens e mostrar isso aos demais.
    Pra ser sincera isso nunca fez sentido pra mim.

    Vejo seu estilo de vida como uma busca para a evolução espiritual e admiro muito isso.

    Minhas sinceras considerações,

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