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I had to tune the piano in a community centre this morning. As it was chucking it down with rain I decided I’d sleep in the massive sheltered balcony at the back of the building. The caretaker woke me to move me on in the morning, he wanted me to go depiste the weather. It took some time to explain that I was actually here to tune the piano inside his building!

The porch where I slept outside the community centre

Well the caretaker has gotten over the initial shock and warmed to me. After having a good chuckle about our misunderstanding, he made me a cup of tea and explained that they’ve had all sorts hanging out there drinking and shooting up so he always moves them on. Isn’t it sad that because of a few drunks and crack-heads all homeless people get a bad name? I was just on my way to work, so to speak.

Anyway lots of mature women have arrived and are practising Morris dancing, meanwhile I’m in the room next door doing my job. It’s a nice piano probably the best upright ever made in Korea, by Young Chang. This doesn’t apply to all Young Changs – just like Yamaha they make a full range – some poor, some good, some excellent.

Somebody once told me that many decades ago an old boy from Yamaha’s factory in Japan went over to Korea and helped to start the Young Chang factory. Some of their models are very similar. This one is called a U-1, and is very similar in size and design to Yamaha’s old model, also called U1.

The Young Chang upright piano that I'm tuning today

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  1. Hi I have an old upright, I would like to get tuned, as someone who volunteered, disappeared after snapping a string…and never saw him again

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