l'accordeur de piano travaille dans un petit bateau en Pays de Galles

Restoring a Victorian cottage upright piano inside an old fishing boat in West Wales.

Richard Roberts
Piano Tuner & Restorer

From my base twixt Putney Bridge and Richmond Park I tune pianos locally and will cycle further if restoration or more thorough tuning is needed for instruments that have been neglected for many years. I regularly restore pianos across London, NW Surrey, Berks, Bucks and East Oxfordshire.

I also frequent Oxford where my dad has his piano workshops. I'm very grateful that he patiently taught my brothers and I his trade at his world-renowned Roberts Pianos, first in Portsmouth now in Oxford. One of my brothers has recently opened Roberts Pianos in Houston, Texas. Our families' experience goes back to his grandfather David Roberts, an organist for the silent movies who cycled all over South Devon tuning and servicing pianos a century ago.

I myself have preferred to keep mobile and travel light because I have found so many charming old instruments cached away all over the world patiently waiting for some TLC. I have restored pianos in Wales, Cornwall, Buenos Aires, Entre RĂ­os, Texas, D.C., Brittany, Provence and all across English countryside. I have always arrived by bike for the exercise, the environement, and the pleasure of cycling. It gives me imense joy to make neglected pianos sing again. You'll be surprised what is possible. It is not normally necessary to move the piano, most restoration can be done with a day's work on site.

I have recently secured a second base in Marseille where I also cycle around tuning pianos. The plan is to migrate with the seasons. However I like to spend Christmas with family, so I am in London this December 2021 and I still have plenty of availability before Christmas, but only for pianos that sound quite bad and need a few hours' servicing or restoration work as well as a thorough tuning. If this sounds like your instrument, drop me a message with the form below and I'll get back to you before you can play chopsticks. I like to take my time and do a thorough, lasting job utilising the pin-setting tuning technique. But if any follow-up tuning or checks are necessary I'll return to the UK in Summer 2022 and will be available.

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Richard Roberts
Piano Tuner & Restorer
67 Huntingfield Road
London SW15 5EA

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l'accordeur de piano a bicyclette en Pays de Galles